Because one day I want to be the natural

Because one day I want to be the natural - Léonard Paprika

I know, every kid grows up believing that he’s going to be the next super big Major League baseball star. We all think we’re going to be Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, or Mike Trout. It’s just a dream of every kid, at least every boy.

Of course, that dream is only possible for a handful of youngsters. It’s not like there’s 80,000 people playing in the big leagues. Only a few new ones get to join each season and so you have to be the very top of the top.

Getting to the top means that you have to have more than just pure skill to get you there. You have to be well coached and have a real drive to want to stand out above all the others. You also have to have the very best tools available to you. This not only means having a good field to practice on, a good batting cage to work on your timing, and a great glove, but also means that you need an outstanding bat to be able to use while at the plate.

A few years ago I read that most Major League players have their bats specifically made for them. They want to ensure that the weight is exactly the way they wanted and that the handle has the perfect grip for their hands. They would seek the assistance of companies to provide brass cnc cutting to make their bats for them, including the emblems that appeared on the bat. This way they knew they had the perfect bat for themselves.

I went to my dad and explained that I wanted to have my own bats made. He honestly looked at me like I was crazy, telling me he would not put in that kind of cost. If I wanted it, I had to pay for it. So I got a job that afternoon.

Within a couple of months, I had saved up the money to be able to have 20 of these bats made for me. My senior year in high school I had the best year of my life and that led to several college scholarship offers. Now I have professional scouts checking me out at each and every game. I’m not saying the bats made me into a Major League prospect; I am just saying they helped. Maybe one day I will be the Natural.